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Best Seller List price - Wood Embalming It is very popular Supplies Sign this life s NOT

Best Seller - Wood Embalming Supplies Sign - this is NOT life s


Best Seller - Wood Embalming Supplies Sign - this is NOT life s

This is a dollhouse shop. All items are 1:12 scale NOT LIFE SIZE.

I charge a flat rate for shipping. Just make sure you put all your items in one cart before placing your order to receive the combined shipping.

PROPS NOT INCLUDED OR FOR SALE. Witches are not for sale, I’m sorry.
I love knowing what YOUR projects are and I love seeing how you use my items so feel free to share your photos with me anytime. My customers are some
of the most talented miniaturists I’ve ever seen!

My items are handmade and some are OOAK(one-of-a-kind.) When an item sells out it may or may not be replaced. Ephemera signs will most likely be replaced but if it’s not happening fast enough, shoot me an email.

All items are made to look distressed, aged, dirty, torn, stained, vintage or damaged on purpose.

Night Owl Miniatures are perfect for Halloween dollhouses, haunted dollhouses, witch houses, serial killer houses, doctor offices, mad scientist labs, freak shows, space alien labs, creepy circuses, asylums, Voo Doo houses, skellie saloons, mortuaries, funeral homes, cemeteries, goth, Sweeney Todd type barbershops, dracula
/vampire houses, torture chambers, abandoned houses, human butcher shops, ghoulish taverns, haunted castles and anywhere your imagination takes you.

I typically sell to people, who like me, think outside the box when it comes to creating dollhouses dioramas.
Framed Items
I make two types of frames, painted aged. All are made to look aged or vintage. They range in size from approximately 1” to 2” and come in many shapes. The majority are made from wood.

Witchy Bottles, Lab Bottles Jarheads
These bottles measure 1/2” to 1.” The largest bottles I make are jarheads they are 2”. You can use them as is or add your own labels. Bottles are my specialty! You can never have too many. I have over 120+ in my Witch Haven House. I live on an organic farm so I have lots of goodies to put in theses tiny vessels. That said not everything comes from the farm. I also make things to go in them I find other miscellaneous items to up-cycle as well. The photo of a witch kitchen that appears in many listings is from my Witch Haven House.

Tiny Hands
These are great to lay about on the floor or shelves or to place in a cauldron or to fill a basket or bucket with. The smallest hands fit in some fat ‪1:12‬ jars. They also work nicely to embellish furniture or on a butcher’s chopping block! Creepy in a cemetery too!

Body Parts, Torsos Guts
These are handmade and like all my items no two are exactly alike. These are great to lay about on the floor or on shelves or to place in a cauldron or on a plate or to fill a basket or bucket with. They work great on a butcher block, operating table, in a morgue, in a torture chamber or in a murder scene.

These are great to hang on a wall, a door or to use to embellish furniture. They would work nicely on a fireplace, a bed or on a blank wall. Frame if you like. They’d also be great to use on the outside of a house.

Bird Nests
This is the tiniest most difficult item I make except for eyeballs. You can use it in a miniature tree, sitting on a witch’s shelf, added to a greenhouse, placed on the exterior of a dollhouse on the gutter, on a window seal or in a nook. Also great for fairy houses. They are approximately a 1/4” - 3/8” in size.

Skeletons Ghouls
Handmade to haunt your house, yard, attic, basement, cemetery or wherever your imagination takes you. Skeletons typically range in size from approximately 2”, 3”, 4.5” or 6”. Skellies are made from plastic distressed. Most ghouls ghosts are made from polymer clay linens, nylons, or gauze. Ghouls ghosts sizes vary. Fishing line is included to aid in hanging ghosts ghouls.

Wall Plaques
These are great to hang on a wall or place on an easel. They work nicely over a fireplace, beside a bed, a desk or a blank wall too. Sizes vary but most are approximately 1” x 2”.

Signs come in many sizes the smallest being approximately 1” square to 1” x 1/2” to 1” x 2” the largest 2” x 3” and everything in between. Small shop signs can be used in glass display counters or in a window or on doors too. I have a huge variety of signs.

These range in size from 1 1/2” tall to 2”-3”. They have a small base on them which can sit on top of grass in a scene or slits can be made in the grass and the stone slid through the slit so the base doesn’t show.

Real Bones
The majority of bones are from owl pellets. They can be used as they are or in bottles, jars, baskets or on plates. You’re limited only by your imagination. Snake skins bones are from dead snakes found on our farm. No animals are ever harmed as I am an animal lover!

Ghoulish faces for the ultimate scare. These faces can be used in domes, hung on the wall, placed in large jars, hung from hooks, framed or just laying about. They run approximately 1” to 1 1/2 or smaller 1/2”. Most of the faces are not flat on the back for dimension. The backs of some of the faces are painted to look as though they been cut off.

Books Magazines
I make the majority of my books to look vintage, aged, distressed tattered and my collection of book titles are new to the market except for a couple. Books have loose pages but opening them is not recommended. They were not made to be opened. Magazine pages are made with white foam or loose pages they do not open. Books are approximately 1” tall. Magazines are approximately 1/2”-3/4” tall.

Posters are made of card stock and range in size from approximately 1 5/16” tall to 2” tall. I sell movie posters, circus clown posters, science lab posters, haunted house gor sale posters.

Baby Dolls
Baby Dolls are made of plastic with Pom-Pom, yarn or wool hair. Most dress collared are made from vintage laces, linens or trim. They are approximately 1 3/4” tall. Some come with a wood base, some do not. They are all made to looked aged crazed.

VooDoo Dolls
VooDoo dolls are approximately 1” to 1 1/4” tall. The pins are not removable. Some have wool for hair others have Pom-Pom hair or a sandpaper type material.

Linens Bloody Linens
Bloody linens are made from vintage fabric and furthered aged and then bloodied with faux blood. They range in size from a napkin or coaster to table cloths, runners and rugs.

Crates are made from wood and come in all sizes styles. They too are distressed. Some are crates for embalming fluid and some are labeled for tea, food or liquor.

Coffins Caskets
Coffins are 4” long. They are made from quality cardboard. Some are made to open, some are not. That should be noted in the title of the item. Some are made like caskets and some look as though they’ve been dug up from the grave.

Ouija Boards
Ouija boards are made of wood. They come in various designs and all seekers are attached to the boards.

Murder Kits
Murder kits are 1:12 scale and they all vary. They typically have between 3-5 items per kit. All kits include a weapon. Some also include rope, duct tape, garbage bags, handcuffs. They’re great to use to stage a murder scene or as evidence in a police station. Certainly every serial killer needs a kit!

Shoes are metal and come with faux blood or faux mud or both.

Bulletin Boards
Bulletin board are made of wood cork and measure approximately 2” x 1 1/4”. They are great in an office, a study, a kitchen or a bedroom. Items on the boards vary.

Most trunks are made of wood vinyl distressed to look old. Some trunks open, some do not. See the item title to know.

My paper items include wanted posters, missing posters, love letters, regular letters, creepy papers, piles of papers, x-rays, office folders, Halloween masks, Halloween garlands, crate labels, newspaper clippings, Halloween postcards, toe tags, eviction notices, polaroids, tarot cards more! I also make desk wall clutter sets in the following themes: fortune teller, witch, vampire, werewolf, aliens, circus/carnival, asylum, plague, science lab, wizard, crime, morgue, Day of the Dead, Halloween, funeral, medieval/fantasy, mermaid, Poe, The Shining Overlook Hotel, medical, zombie.

I make orange white pumpkins from polymer clay and they vary in size style.

Witch’s or Wizard’s Staffs
These vary as I use everything from bats skeleton parts to yarn jewels to make each one unique. Most are made on a wood base.


~Lighting sometimes affects the color of an item in a photo.~
White spots are typically glares from the camera lighting. The “wet” blood I use is difficult to photograph without a glare.


Best Seller - Wood Embalming Supplies Sign - this is NOT life s


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